Why people connect

Our Research Team scientifically map organisations within the client sector and any related industry to identify ideal professionals for each role. The initial mapping and identification of candidates is followed by an exhaustive evaluation methodology, which includes a detailed background check for each candidate to identify their professional and personal characteristics. This is followed by a comprehensive screening and a face to face interview. Our in-depth interview process includes the following tools:

Biographical Interviews :
Our Biographical Interviews are designed to elicit information about a candidate's past experiences, in order to better assess his or her suitability for future challenges.

Competency Based Interviews:
Our Consultants utilise a combination of internationally applied interviewing techniques such as the STARE™ (Situation Task Action Result Effect) methodology to evaluate whether or not the candidate possesses the necessary competencies and skill set required for success in your organisation.

Critical Incident Interview Technique:
This is a means to identify specific actions or behaviours that lead to desirable or undesirable consequences on the job. Candidates are asked to describe real life highly meaningful work incidents. A number of these incidents provide insight into the most critical aspects of the role. Situations are then analysed and they reveal a wealth of information regarding positive and negative examples of competencies required.




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